Speciality & customized training

Programs designed for highly technical and analytical professionals that need to communicate with influence and impact

When a communication engagement comes up short, it’s rarely due to the speaker not being able to deliver. More times than not, the speaker hasn’t learned a communication training foundation they can depend on to remedy their unique communication challenges. 

Communication is Personal – So are your Communication Solutions

We have created a metric system in our membership programs to understand how to customize your training for YOU! 

We’ve customized exercises that are based on a specific system of acting used by thousands of business professionals and actors worldwide. Some of the acting legends of our time rely on these exercises for every take, whether it is to liberate themselves from blocks or access different parts of themselves to fulfill a role.

In-person training may be added to any of the following programs. 

Freedom Breakthrough Program

Obtain a solid foundation and a "go to" system to help you communicate your unique statement.

Incremental and reinforcement training in our weekly classes will guarantee to turn analytics and technical information into an emotionally profound and impactful experience for you and your audience.


Your company's culture and communication dynamics are unique, so are the communication challenges. We address your communication challenges on your schedule and timeline.

C-Suite: Executive Coaching:

Inquire about our exclusive private training for C-Suite executives, or if you are being groomed for C-Suite. With a higher position comes higher stakes and the demand for the ability to communicate to a more diverse audience.

Complimentary Webinars

EdgeWork is different. We get to the root of interpersonal soft (people) skills like no one else. Get to know us. Meet Anthony. Understand how this work can transform your communication skills.