About TMCC

More times than not it’s your hard-skills gets you a job, but it’s your your ability to communicate your hard skills is what determines your career.  Our overwhelming focus on EI to develop emotional management and effective communication in all aspects of business. 

EdgeWork’s TechMetrics Communications Club (TMCC), is where brilliance meets innovation in the realm of business communication. Our TMCC is a sanctuary reserved for elite minds, empowering highly technical and analytical professionals to master the art of communicating technology and analytics more effectively. Tailored for developers, engineers, and analytical professionals across all levels, TMCC equips you with the tools to engage diverse audiences seamlessly.

Within the TMCC, we meticulously dissect the intricate communication traps that even the most seasoned professionals can stumble upon, offering pragmatic solutions that elevate your delivery to mirror your intellect and knowledge.

Our private Facebook group page serves as the hub where TCC members share their triumphs, pose insightful questions, and peruse past sessions to acquire the latest tools and techniques that propel them toward unparalleled success.

ECC Schedule
  • When: Every Tuesday
  • Time: 9-10 AM EST
  • One private session per three month cycle.
  • Two office hours a month with EdgeWork clientele 
  • One speciality class a month. 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career Advancement – Goal-setting
  • Online forums

Admission by interview: [email protected]