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We are a safe place for highly technical & analytical professionals from STEM to C-suite to sales to develop their interpersonal (people) skills, so their delivery is as strong as their knowledge.

We specialize in turning analytics, technical information, and raw data into emotionally impactful experiences. We connect minds that are not naturally wired to engage with an audience on an impactful level to do precisely that, resulting in a higher level of trust, credibility, stronger relationships, seamless communication, and an increase in your bottom line.

We are non-traditional communications specialists who turn communications challenges into opportunities for success. Our expertise is fixing the most difficult communication challenges so you are equip to present from a peek performance state. We are different than our competition in that most communication training focuses on the performance, regardless of the interpersonal, emotional, psychological blocks you might be experiencing. We are a proponent of fixing your presentation by fixing you! 

We address the root cause of interpersonal communication challenges, especially in gaining trust and credibility when delivering data and metrics in presentations, and sales.

Typically, our clients have a high level of knowledge, but their delivery is not as high. We close the gap between knowledge and delivery. 

Many of our clients are highly technical, analytical, and intellectual in STEM and sales, looking to profoundly impact their ability to persuade.


We create a supportive environment so that we can work on your unique communication challenges. We are aware of the sensitivity brought about by this topic alone — communications, public speaking, and connecting “outside the data” can be uncomfortable for a segment of our clients. 

All our in-person or zoom classes are highly interactive and personalized. They are small to give highly substantive individual attention.  

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